Apple AirTags Unboxing & Demo!

Birt 22 apr 2021
AirTags and the new "Precision Finding" in action.
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AirTags provided by Apple for review.


  • sudas

  • People with ADHD: "Finally, our savior has arrived!"

  • aii bruh apple getting wayyyy out of hand with these prices

  • Lol samsung did it first with smat tag+

  • 1:56 Airpod... alright....

  • Thank you for making this.

  • DID any one notice there was no battery at first then magically appears. Am i the only one who noticed that ?? @2:59 and 3:00

  • Thanks for this amazing information. Never even known this item exist lol. I am so far behind everyone else in The world 🌎

  • What is up with the captions?!?

    • Might get one with a key ring and put it on my dog

  • It was my idea in 2012

  • I still don't see how this would work in real life robbery. If i put this on my bike that got stolen, it will notify the person that stole it and they would just throw it out or detach it from the bike. For that matter this seems useless, cuz I know dam right if anyone finds an item valuable they are not going to call it's owner.

  • Everyone on the train with the lost bag gets an alert that someone is following them.

  • So Apple won't track or identify you. But if you lose your bag, all iPhones will be out looking for you without them knowing. I assume you have to opt into it.

  • Now people can find their dad that went to the store & never came back

  • what happens if someone steals it?

  • I want to put this on my cat 🐱

  • So basically tile?

  • so with other words its a tracker. its not like there are millions of versions of this with better quality than apple bullshit

  • Copper one please

  • What if they found your lost item and they took out the air tag from the item?

  • 😍😍😍awesome 😍👌🏻

  • 1:23 The airPod?

  • That means I can literally track someone using this tag if I know that person does not use iPhone. And if that person uses iPhone, I'll use another type of tag, like SmartTag by Samsung or Tile or any other upcoming tags, to track that person. Brilliant technology! They have thought very well about security.

  • Might get one with a key ring and put it on my dog

  • Imma put this on my gf beg.. so i would know where she went to 🤣

  • I can track my girlfriend now

  • I need IT🥰🥰

  • Thank you for making this.

  • 7 mil views ppl are so stupidly brainwashed by apole it is so sad 😔

  • So basically let’s stop thinking all together, let’s make apple think for us lol

  • An overpriced Bluetooth tracker. You can get them for much cheaper ($4). I bet you neckbeards and white women (The average apple cultist) will buy this and play with their new toy

  • What a useless item

  • Wow these tiles are coo-. Wait...

  • *Air Tags Suck!* I told my wife I was going duck hunting, she put her Air Tag in my Gun Case. Caught me with my pants down at my girlfriend's apartment. Now my wife has left, my Girlfriend dumped me and I can't find any Ammo to go hunting.

  • I have a motorcycle and would love to stick one these inside the frame somewhere for in case it gets stolen... but if it starts beeping to alert them as soon as a thief hops on, that might make it less reliable for that application. Oh well. Lots of other cool possibilities!

  • Here me out... airtag popsockets 😀

  • love the discount tag on key chain broo 😂 on point as always....

  • Will attach it to my socks

  • No you can finally find your socks 😜

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  • how about if u are walking on 1st floor and your Airtag lying down on the 3rd floor? this Airtag is just a show-off item.

  • Damn.... do i need to scream now... Glassmorphism intro plzzzzzzzzzz

  • As an Android user, I will now be forever paranoid with the knowledge that someone could tag me and I would be none the wiser, since I don't have an iPhone to tell me otherwise

  • Could i hide it inside my car, if it got stolen i could locate it?

  • You seem to have missed one scenario which is a little obvious to me i.e. to use Air Tag as my tracking device by placing one in my car or bag pack and find them in case if someone steals my car or bag. There is no way to trace it if the robber themself do not wish to notify me about it. 😉

    • @eioshen boboi Let’s exclude the scenario where they snatch it from you on a Gun Point 🤣

    • Forget if you lost it in up & Bihar .😂😂

  • hi

  • Knowing me I’d lose my phone and then attempt to use my phone with the air tag to find my phone. Looks cool I guess 🤷‍♂️.

  • What brand is that backpack in the beginning of the video?

  • Precision finding only works with iPhone 11 or 12 :-( mayor bummer.

  • Pick mines up in the morning

  • The dirty stamp proportionately travel because jacket objectively kill aboard a tacky paperback. silent, upbeat drive

  • Well my family puts it on my 5 yr old sister on her jeans and pants with belt holes and then when we go out she will never get lost

  • We cant use it in flight cargo so we can track when its off for a pickup. There should be some regulation that allows this too.

  • Unfortunately they don’t make a thin version for wallets yet. However once they do I will most likely make the switch from my tile

  • No not for me 300.00 big joke you're probably going to have to pay for that app

  • I’m putting this on my dog

  • Smart tags are better in my opinion if you have shitty memory.

  • The security feature seems to come with a downside. Let’s say you hide the airtag somewhere on your bike, and then your bike gets stolen. If the thief has an iPhone, they will be notified that there is an airtag nearby because their iPhone will think there’s an airtag following them. So then they’d be alerted to find and remove the airtag. Any thoughts on this?

    • jk I just found out that it only alerts them if it’s been following them for 3 days

  • I’m not losing my bike anymore! I wonder if my bike got stolen can I call the police to come with me?

    • Crazyyyyy wonder how Google will compete

  • Forget if you lost it in up & Bihar .😂😂

  • Ankle bracelet next.

  • you send airtag in space and still able to find.tie it on balloon.

  • Watched a TikTok that made me think I want this and it was for my dog. On his collar. Might get the multi pack and my cat can have one too.

  • வொர்ஸ்ட்

  • The fact that Apple wont even get these manufactured in the US is disgraceful, supporting chinese made stuff as you're supporting genocide and an evil dictatorship.

  • full of shit its shuld be more then 50 ft

  • Yes! I buy 24 of them and then I will never lose my checkers again.

  • 05:58 You use discord?

  • What’s the farthest it can go ?

  • So make sure to track all your friends that have androids!!! :D

  • So it is a tile but 5 times more expensive.

  • One of the best product videos I’ve watched. Easy to understand you. You cover everything. It makes sense. Simple stuff but people don’t get it. Thank you.

  • Crazyyyyy wonder how Google will compete

  • Are we just gonna ignore how many devices he has on find my?!?!

    • No, I gasped which caused me to choke on and spit out my coffee. Im now angry. 😤

  • What happen to thing more than 30 feet again?

  • I know Tile is punching the air right now, knowing they about to go out of business

    • And suing

  • "The AirPod turns on"

  • In India : Useful for finding nail cutters🤣

  • I can use it as gps truker for my moto

  • I'm putting one in my hold luggage


  • Buy a bunch of them then play rich checkers

  • A wallet situation? No...just a wallet. Dickhead

  • I see you found your banana. That’s good

  • Not a big fan or pretty much anything Apple. But this is absolutely brilliant. It's making me consider moving from Android to IOS just so I can use this.

  • when you use your 100% brain :- AirTag to find my other AirTag

  • Please tell me y'all thought about ppl stealing these expensive lil tags and everything it is connected to

  • So put that on your kid so you can find them even when they run away lol

  • But will it help me find my dad? He's still not back from that milk sale.

  • Cheap motorcycle stolen finding device.

  • There's literally stickers from Japan that help you locate your keys and s*** that are always cheaper

  • tile existed century ago... RIP apple...

  • Awesome. Now I know when someone steals my bike. Probably would be too late but good to know.

  • damn my girl wants to buy that for me and want me to use it for my " keys " hell naaaaaahhh!!

  • I really thought this plan when I was pursuing my engineering 10years ago. Not on Bluetooth but on IR.

  • Now I can track my girlfriend’s every move! She’ll be thrilled.

  • I feel like putting the tag on the outside of backpacks or luggage is a bad idea. If your bag is stolen, the first thing the thief will do is remove the AirTag. Better to hide it inside the luggage so they won’t know right away it’s in there and you have some chance of recovering it.

  • Dude. Shoes on carpet?!

  • Very helpful video. Bought some air tags for my wife for Mother’s Day. She promptly handed me one back and said, “Bet you use it sooner than I do.” Unfortunately i have an iPhone 8 - which works fine, but apparently won’t lead me right to me air tag. Wonder if apple did this on purpose?

  • These suck if you dont have an iPhone 11 or 12 dont bother... useless